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Two hours with Fredrik Härén

·2 mins

We at Hyper Island had yet another super interesting lecture, this time with Fredrik Härén, who spoke about creativity and ideas.

Fredrik is a natural speaker (well, he does it for a living, so that’s probably what you’d expect), and content was really great. In just two hours we was able to inspire probably everybody in the class to think in another way, to think outside of the box pretty literally. In addition to this he interacted a lot with the audience and spiced it up with loads of humor, which of course stepped it all up yet another notch. There’s no way i can convey what he said in written text or even in person, especially not in a short blogpost, but .. i guess it’s worth writing about anyway 🙂

idea = p(k+i)

So, what’s an idea? Fredrik showed us this formula.

  • P = Person
  • K = knowledge
  • I = input

So basically an idea is a person combining his or her knowledge with outside input. Interesting concept, but when you think of it, it becomes more reasonable - give me one idea that hasn’t isn’t a combination of something existing. So, with having more knowledge and more input, you get more ideas. As simple as that. Yeah, i know it doesn’t sound like that here, but sure felt like that after the lecture 😉

Anyway, i can’t do much more here than express my gratitude to Hyper for arranging the lecture, and Fredrik of course, for coming. If you have a chance to attend a lecture with him, do it. He’s a funny guy with good stuff to say, definitely worth a couple bucks (in return you’ll get ideas that will make you a millionare) 😉

Fredrik Härén is a writer and has written a whole bunch of books of which one, the ideabook, seemed really interesting. I’ll most definitely be getting that one.