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PureMVC 2.0.3

·2 mins

An architectural framework I’ve been using a lot recently has been updated to a new version.

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The version (well, not the most recent one but the jump from 1 to 2) fixes a lot of small issues that existed in 1.x, most of which were inconsistencies that caused confusion. I usually downloaded the framework before a new project, fixed the stuff i wanted to fix myself and then started working. It of course always added a bit of overhead in the beginning of a project so this update is very welcome! I haven’t had a chance to verify that all I wanted to change has been fixed but if Cliff Hall has done what he talked about before, I’m happy 😉

I’ve used PureMVC for most of my recent Actionscript 3 projects. It’s primarily meant for flex/air apps so building RIA’s with it is great. Flash is not as obvious since PureMVC doesn’t do any of the stuff that you might want from a flash framework (handle loading, stage manager etc) as it merely defines the architecture for the app. The strongest side i think is the fact that it encourages you to do stuff the right way, instead of quick & dirty. If you haven’t done so yet i definitely encourage you to take a look at the framework. The docs may be a bit confusing (i know they were to me in the beginning) but you should quickly get the hang of it.

PureMVC has gotten a lot of amazing buzz already. If you haven’t caught up with the nitty gritty details yet, Cliff also gives a very good description of what PureMVC is on the flex show, episode 33. Luke Bayes and Ali Mills also did a great presentation back in -07 where PureMVC came out as the “winner”; see it here.

Of course for more info there’s always