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Papervision3D goes public beta

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The guys who changed the flash world (by adding a third dimension) and indirectly even the flash player (Adobe added mip mapping) have released their drop-dead-gorgeus open source project Papervision3D as a public beta.

Papervision logo

After 7 months of development the open source (MIT licenced!) actionscript 3d engine is available to anyone to use, for free, for anything. It even comes in both flavours, as2 and as3 (the as3 version is a lot faster). Papervision3D will (or has) change the way websites look in the future. I’m sure we’ll see more 3d as it’s so easy to work with nowadays.

So, get your copy, try it out and show off your creativity without having to get your head around the rather complex math lies under the hood!

Closer instructions on how to get Papervision3D and get started in their blogpost:

ps. I even got my 3 seconds of fame by having flame in the showreel 😁