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Flash, SWFAddress and Google Analytics

·2 mins

It’s been quiet here for a while, sorry about that, “been busy”.

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Anyway, i was browsing through my news today and noticed that SWFAddress automatically gives google analytics hits. This means that if you build your site with the back button (etc) enabled using SWFAddress, Google Analytics will also track the visitors internal navigation, automatically! Nice! To some of you this maybe isn’t any news (1.1 has been available since February), I just hadn’t noticed it before.

To use this you don’t really need to do anything, as long as you have the _uacct="UA-xxxx-x"; part from the google analytics script, it’ll work fine. Also you don’t need to call it the first time, SWFAddress does it automatically.

Now come on people. I know most of the people reading this are more or less experienced flash developers. Today it’s so friggin easy to have a fully functional, accessible and search engine friendly flash site that there’s not really a reason not to do it. Sure, it requires a little extra time to implement if you haven’t done it before, but when you’ve built a framework of some sort for it, it doesn’t really require any extra effort to implement.

Overall I think experienced flash developers should take responsibility for doing things right and show a good example to those who are learning. The people who say flash sucks have their reasons, but there’s a way to fix it (or at least parts of the problem).

Have it as a requirement, not a bonus, in your next project, ok? Thanks 😉