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FeedLanguage: Translate RSS on the fly

·1 min

Yesterday Google released an addition I’ve been waiting for to their already impressive set of API’s, now including the Google Translate AJAX API.

Hello. My name is Antti and I am an RSS addict.

Seriously though, I get most of my industry news via feeds. The technology while being so simple really is extremely powerful, easy, quick and effortless; it’s hard to say no. Still, there are a couple foreign feeds i want to follow but i don’t want to translate the texts all the time, so i was looking for a service that translates RSS feeds on the fly. I didn’t find anything useful. FeedBurner does a lot so i could easily see them doing this too (especially now that they are a part of Google…) but nada. So, I built my own little prototype.

FeedLanguage logo

This was mostly built for myself but i thought i might as well release it for the public. Feel free to try it out and let me know if you run into issues. If you’re interested I don’t mind releasing the source.

How about my feed in .. Italian? 😉