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FDT 3.0 public beta

·1 min

I’ve been working with FDT for quite some time. There’s no going back to any tool I’ve ever tried (then again I haven’t worked in Flashdevelop, which many developers working on Windows recommend). Still, FDT is awesome, it has changed the way I work. I simply get more error free code out in less time.

Now FDT3 is now open beta, meaning anybody can try it right away! If eclipse is your tool of choice, go give it a test drive.

FDT3 will be 299€ or 99€ when upgrading from 1.5.

Of course you should realize that it’s still in beta status, so judge for yourself if you want to use it for production work. The private beta has been updated quite frequently and sometimes introduced bugs that made work quite annoying. Keep this in mind ;)