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Exploring San Francisco

·1 min

So..I’m sitting here, writing this from my new workplace, AKQA, from the other side of the globe compared to all my previous posts here. Very exciting. I’ve never been to the US before, and also working at a big company makes stuff pretty different. Well, everything’s been great so far and and frankly i can’t expect anything less from the future.

I would add some cool (cheesy) photo of the Golden Gate or something, but I haven’t got any photos of SF yet. Still, I have my camera with me and will post some pics as i get some on .. uh .. the sensor. I could add that as a hobby photographer the city is amazing. Loads and loads of cool districts. Add to that the cool cablecars, the hills, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge you can’t miss a typical postcard-San Francisco-photo 😉

By the way; If any of my readers are in San Francisco drop me a note and we’ll go out, grab a couple cold ones 😄